To promote the development of the practice of Hike & Fly in the foothills of the Grappa, ASD Volo Libero Montegrappa and the ParaZoo flying team organize an amateur event called HIKE & FLY EXPERIENCE, now in its third edition.
The event’s goal is an hike to the take-off point and a paragliding flight to the designated landing area; for the PRO category, this will be repeated with different take-off and landing. The 2022 edition of this event will have the following regulations:
  1. WHERE

1.1. The event includes trails, take-offs and landings within the territories of Semonzo del Grappa, Borso del Grappa and Romano D’Ezzelino.
1.2. Meeting point, headquarter, stand of the event and landing are located at Garden Relais in Semonzo del Grappa in via Caose 22. GPS coordinates 45.80653, 11.78532.
1.3. The take-offs used in the event will be:
Panettone (GPS coordinates 45.86126, 11.8043)
Camp (GPS coordinates 45.83708, 11.74869)
1.4. The landings used in the event will be:
Garden Relais (GPS coordinates 45.80653, 11.78532)
Paradiso (GPS coordinates 45.80818, 11.7699)
You can have more information on take-offs and landings in the whole surrounding area on the website


  1. WHEN

2.1. The  date of the event is  Saturday 02 – 07 -2022

2.2. In case of bad weather, the organization team has the possibility to cancel the Event or to postpone it to the following day (Sunday 3 July 2022) or to a different date,  at the sole discretion of the organizers. Any cancellation or date shift will be communicated within 8.00 PM on 1 July 2022 on the website and through the event’s official social channels.

2.3. If the conditions (due to weather or other) are considered by the organizers no longer suitable for a safe conduct of the event, it will be suspended or even definitively canceled. Any decision will be communicated to the participants by the staff and it is mandatory for the pilots to immediately consider the competition closed and act accordingly, promoting safety. Failure to respect this safety rule results in exclusion from the rankings.



3.1. Participation is limited to a maximum of 110 participants. In case pre-registrations exceed this cap, the additional pilots will be noted on the waiting list and their participation  depends on the actual number of participants. The competition Committee reserves the possibility to change the maximum number of members. For organizational reasons, the event will be confirmed upon reaching the minimum number of 50 pre-registered pilots.

3.2. Participation is subject to pre-registration which can be done on the online page dedicated to the event,

3.3. The pre-registration phase will end at 11 pm on 29 June 2022

3.4. In case the event is postponed, the new pre-registration closing date will be communicated on the website and in the official channels.

3.5. All pre-registered pilots who will receive confirmation of admission will have to complete their registration in the dedicated area located at Garden Relais, via Caose 22 in Semonzo del Grappa. Staff in charge of this operation will be on site from 7:30 am to 9:00 am on the day of the event. Any changes to the registration time, at the discretion of the organizers, will be communicated in the official channels of the event ( and by e-mail to pre-subscribers.

3.6 Participation is reserved for adult pilots, in possession of  license and flight insurance, both valid on the day of the event. You may be required to show these documents at the time of completing your registration. Make sure you have a hard copy or digital copy handy.



4.1. Each participant must be equipped with adequate equipment for the various phases of the activity (walking in the mountains and flying), and must avoid behaviors that could generate danger for themselves and for others.

4.2. Each pilot must be equipped with the mandatory safety equipment (helmet and emergency parachute) whose presence can be checked at any time by the staff.

4.3. Each pilot must have an LPD / VHF radio device and a mobile phone, obviously charged and enabled for voice and data traffic in Italy, to report any emergencies.

4.4. All the equipment that will be used by the pilot must be certified according to the EN reference standard: Helmet (EN 966 or EN 1077), Harness (EN 1651), Paragliding wing (EN 926/2 EN926 / 1).

4.5. The lack of homologation requirements or the adoption of behaviors considered dangerous (at unquestionable evaluation of the Race Committee) will result in immediate exclusion from the competition and relative rankings.

4.6. The pilot is the solely responsible for the choices he makes during the competition.

4.7. In case a pilot decides to interrupt the race, or has not reached the goal, he is required to communicate his position and physical conditions, by telephone, SMS or WhatsApp to the organization, using numbers and contacts that will be provided during the Briefing.



5.1. Hike & Fly Experience is a Hike & Fly event in which pilots with different training, skills and equipment participate. In order to guarantee both fun and competition, there will be different tracks and different categories.

PRO : two hikes for a total of about 1400 meters in altitude + two flights;
Hike start: Campo Croce (start of hike timing)
End of first hike and first take-off: Panettone
First Landing and departure according to Hike: Paradiso
End of second hike (end of hike timing) and second take-off: Campeggia
Landing and end of the race: Garden Relais
Pilots participating in the PRO category will have to register their passage at the Panettone Takeoff and Paradiso landing as indicated by the organization during the briefing phase. Failure to register the passage to the turn point is equivalent to failure to complete the task and will result in exclusion from the rankings.

FUN : it consist of a hike from Campo Croce to the take-off Panettone. From here pilots will take off for the flight and finally land to end their task at the Garden Relais landing. For this category there are two way of participating:
– With flying equipment (normal hike&fly)
– without flying equipment during the hike (the equipment will be taken over by the organization at the registration and transported to the take-off). This is the COMFORT CATEGORY 

5.2 The organization reserves the right to modify the hike and / or flight route for weather, safety or organizational reasons. Note : As specified above, the equipment must at least include the mandatory equipment for the flight: sail, harness, radio, helmet, emergency which must be carried by the competitors of categories A and B for the entire ascent phase.



6.1. The Event is not a competitive competition

6.2. For all categories the final rankings will be dictated by the sum of a Hike score (calculated based on the time taken to complete the relative path), a Fly score (calculated based on the flight track uploaded on XC Contest World Ranking) and an Accuracy score.

6.3. Scoring details as follows



The hike time of the various routes will be taken as follows.
Hike time for the Fun category – Start: Hike Campo Croce departure,  Stop: end of Hike Panettone take off
Hike time for the Pro category (includes the transfer flight between Panettone and Paradiso)-  Start: Hike Campo Croce departure,
Stop: end of Hike take-off Campeggia

The first in each category to arrive at the take-off point will score 500 points and all other competitors will get a score which is  inversely proportional to the time of the first finisher. Formula is as follows:

Competitor Hike Score = 500 * First Hike Time Competitor



Hike Time Hike Score
1 finisher 60 minuti 500
2 finisher 61 min 492
3 finisher 70 min 429
X finisher 90 min 333
Y finisher 120 min 250
Z finisher 240 min 125


To get the Fly score, the source will be the  flight score calculated by XContest World ranking (equal to the number of km multiplied by a factor of difficulty ; more info on the XContest website / rules /). For this reason it is necessary that all pilots are registered in the XContest World ranking and that the USER ID is correctly reported in the registration form respecting Capital/low letters.

After landing it is the responsibility of each competitor to upload as soon as possible , and in any case not less than 15 minutes prior the end of the race  his own track on XContest, in order to allow the correct processing of the rankings by the organization team. The first in each category will get 500 points and all other competitors a score which is directly proportional to the XC points.
Formula is as follows: Competitor Fly Score = 500 * First Fly XC Points Competitor XC Points


XContest score Fly score
1 finisher
100 pt 500
2 finisher 99 pt 495
3 finisher 80 pt 400
X finisher 60 pt 300
Y finisher 50 pt 250
Z finisher 25 pt 125


In the landing area there will be a target consisting of a center and three concentric areas. Landing within the first circle is considered standard for a good pilot, who should take care of landing precision, and equals 0 (zero) points. For landings that are better or worse than the first circle, bonus / malus will be assigned.
The landing precision will be evaluated according to the following scheme:
Full center: +10 points
First circle: 0 points
Second circle: -10 points
Third circle-20 points
Off target: -30 points (and in any case within Field 1, as indicated in briefing phase)
For the purposes of scoring, the first point of contact with the ground is considered. 


The best score you can get is 1005 points (500 + 500 + 5).

6.4. Attention: As shown in the diagram also visible on the official website the Garden Relais area consists of a main landing field (Field 1) where the target is present and two adjacent grassy areas (Field 2 and Field 3), also possibly usable to land. It is the responsibility of the pilot landed out of field 1 to report his landing out of the area to the staff in charge in the landing area for the purpose of recording the score.

6.5. Landing outside the Garden Relais landing area results in exclusion from the rankings.

6.6. The technical approach during the landing phase must be carried out observing all the safety rules, and absolutely respecting any possible report coming from the organizing staff.  Failure to comply with this rule entails to penalty of exclusion from the rankings.

6.7. It is mandatory to promptly report any off-field landings to the Organization at the telephone number indicated in the briefing phase and, if not possible, by any other available means.

6.8. Each pilot competes for the podium within his own registration category, First place is granted to the athlete who scores, within his own category, the highest total score determined by the sum of the Hike points, Fly points  and Accuracy points. In the event of a tie, the landing order will be considered.

6.9. Team participation: it is possible to indicate, during the pre-registration phase, two other participating pilots as part of your team. The names indicated must be of pilots registered in the same category (pro / fun / comfort). Cross-category team participation is not valid. The pilots who are registered as a team will compete as single athletes to the general rankings but they will also complete for the team prize that will be assigned – for each category – to the group that will get the highest score (calculated as sum of the total scores of the individual participants). The team prize will be awarded upon reaching a minimum of three participating teams for the category.



7.1. The participation fee is set at € 30 for pilots who pre-register by June 29 to be paid as follows:
– € 10 as a deposit to be paid at the same time as pre-registration at the following coordinates:


IBAN : IT86A0359901899085908508680
Banca del Veneto Centrale – Filiale di Borso del Grappa

The deposit will not be refunded.

– 20 € balance to be paid cash the day of the event when you register.
On the day of the event, if the cap of 110 pilots has not been reached and there are vacant places, it will be possible to register on site.
The participation fee for pilots without pre-registration is 35 €
7.2. After registration, all pilots will be given a participation pack containing snacks and drinks, pilots who pre-register online are also entitled to the official gadget of the event included in the race pack.
7.3. Participants in the COMFORT category (Hike & Fly without flying equipment in the hike phase) are required to pay an additional contribution of € 5 for the transport of the equipment to the take-off.



8.1. Participation in the event is at the risk and peril of each pilot, who is solely responsible in case of violation of local, regional or national rules / laws established by civil authorities or flight agencies.
8.2. Each pilot declares to be fully aware of the risks associated with paragliding and mountain trekking activities and of the fact that it is their responsibility to manage both the hike and the flight accordingly to their physical conditions, their flying capabilities and level of fatigue.
8.3. Pilots will conduct their flight with an approach of max safety, committing not to expose themselves or third parties to any risky situations. Safety shall prevail over competitive spirit.
8.4. Any transfer to the take-off and/or recovery with the shuttle service is at the pilots’ own risk, as well as hiking, take-off, flight and landing activities.
8.5. During the entire competition the pilot is responsible and has to provide for his own hydration and nutrition according to his needs.
8.6. It is the responsibility and interest of each participating pilot to ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage valid for civil liability, personal accident, hospitalization and repatriation.
8.7. Each participant in the event ensures to adopt all the precautions and rules of conduct related to the containment of the Covid-19 emergency as per national regulations valid on the date of the event. It is the responsibility of each person to verify and declare that in the 14 days prior to the event they had no contacts with people whom tested positive for COVID-19, they are not subjected to quarantine and they’re not positive to COVID-19 virus. Upon the occurrence of one of the aforementioned hypotheses, he will renounce to participate in the event. In any case, participation is not granted when a body temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 degrees is detected at the time of registration.